About Us

Artistry of Gold is first and foremost a casting house, While we provide a range of manufacturing services (i.e., laser repair and molding), tailored to the needs of our casting customers, the heart of what we do is casting. Our casting services are focused on the needs of the high-end, special order segment of the industry, with an emphasis on rapid turnaround, consistently high quality, and customer service while maintaining very competitive prices.

Our Quality Philosophy

Our commitment is to improve our casting - a little bit - every day - forever.

We do this by rigorously understanding, defining, and controlling the sequence of little processes necessary to consistently producing quality castings. Any failure is evaluated with respect to its root causes and the knowledge gained through this evaluation is incorporated into improved processes and controls.

Our Business Philosophy

We are committed to maintaining complete integrity in all of our business dealing.

Our industry exists in an environment based on trust, and in this environment our most precious asset is our reputation for integrity which we maintain vigilantly.

Our Customers

Our customers range from "neighborhood" manufacturing jewelers, to smaller private-line manufacturers, to larger manufacturers or importers than need a few pieces in a hurry

Artistry of Gold     •     635 S. Hill Street, Suite 709-710     •     Los Angeles, CA 90014     •     213.688.0113